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9 Reasons Our Photo Blankets Are Better—Plus Easiest To Order: 1) Sizes from 30”x40” to a larger-than-life 90”x90” (with enough choices to cover any size bed, if that’s your goal); 2) Prices starting at just $39.50; 3) We can print pictures on both blanket sides; 4) Your choice of our standard fleece or ultra plush; 5) You simply upload or email your photos to us (that’s ALL you need do!) and we’ll handle all image cropping/layout/design (plus you can request a PDF for review) and we’ll also automatically sharpen, color adjust, etc., your pictures; 6) Or send us your photos before ordering and we’ll gladly pre-check image quality, etc.; 7) Either way, we’ll ALWAYS let you know before printing if your photos aren't adequate; 8) Plus, for an additional fee (starting at just $10), we can create a custom design or collage from photos too low in resolution to completely cover a blanket side (or if you simply prefer such a design); and 9) We can similarly add text, logos, graphics or even retouch your images.

What You Also Need To Know: You may never have seen Photo Blankets like these before and had so many choices. The image quality on our standard fleece is exceptional--in fact, until you see one in person you won't fully appreciate just how good they look. Or select our ultra plush fleece and you'll likely find it the softest of any personalized photo blanket you've held (although there's a tradeoff here: the higher nap of this fabric slightly reduces image clarity). Plus they come in four sizes (30"x40", 50"x60", 60"x80" and 90"x90"), with the largest big enough to possibly overwhelm you but without breaking your pocketbook. And if all that's not enough, we offer these blankets with your pictures on both sides--and it can either be the same photo or a different one.

But kindly note: the difference in our Photo Blankets really starts with your photo. Even before ordering, we encourage you to upload your pic(s) at Custom Quote (or email to us) if you're not sure about an image (or maybe can't decide between two or more)--ask our opinion and we'll advise you accordingly. Then once your order's placed, we'll automatically sharpen, color adjust and otherwise augment your image, with the difference between what you send and eventually end up sometimes dramatic.

But we're also prepared to do much more with your photos. And if it's a horse photo, keep in mind we're equine fanatics and thus well aware of what's likely important to you. So much so, in fact, for an additional fee we'll gladly digitally remove or hide, say, an unwanted intruder from your otherwise prized ring shot. Plus we know how to tone down the background to better highlight a horse and rider. Or maybe you'd like us to combine two or more images in the same design. (To see before and after examples of our photo-editing skills, click here, or to view sample single-photo or multi-pic designs, click here.)

We'll also gladly dress up your blanket with graphics and text. You can add a name or short phrase for $10 per line or include a logo (or other graphic) at $10 each. Or if you're part of a group whose members value such add-ons, ask about our new group discounts and designs. There's no charge to participate and if your group enrolls we can add your logo plus other horse/rider personalization at no extra cost. (To see some examples, click here.)

If you’re ready to order, simply follow the steps below. Orders usually ship within one or two weeks but delivery can vary, depending on what you're ordering and the time of year. So after receiving your order, we’ll let you know if we anticipate anything different. Plus you’re welcome to Contact Us for further info, if you think you’ll need custom design or for anything not covered here.

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