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Acrylic Prints

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What You Need To Know: We're now offering 5 distinct lines of acrylic prints, all made from your photos, and together providing a greater variety of features than we think you’ll find anywhere (and at pricing that can’t be beat!)—starting with this, our classic line: 3/16”-thick prints, rectangular in shape, rounded corners, and finished with either a clip and spacers on the back for wall hanging or a black beveled base for mantle/desktop display.

Prices start at just $22.95 for a 4”x6”—with 6 standard sizes up to 20”x30 and an 8”x10”, for example, just $34.95.

Our acrylic prints are first output on paper (at higher resolution than you’ll likely find with those printed directly onto plastic), then laminated with a suitable gloss for enhanced protection and style—and after which mounted on an acrylic backing, thereby also adding a silver texture to the back side.

We think this combination of features and specs typically works best but can also offer a number of options, including: cutting your prints (or corners) to different shapes, using different laminates, printing on both sides, and even reverse print mounting. (Contact Us for further info on any of these.)

Our acrylic prints are also the easiest for you to order: no need to crop or otherwise manipulate your image, simply upload your photo and we’ll handle everything from there—even sending you a pdf proof for review on request.

Meantime, check out our 4 other acrylic lines: Photo Frames Plus, Photo Cutouts, Photo Popouts and Photo Ornaments.

9 Reasons Our Acrylic Prints Are Better—Plus Easiest To Order: 1) Each acrylic print is protected by a thick, high-gloss, premium-clarity laminate, shielding its surface from moisture, scratching and UV fading; 2) Our laser-cut paths are programmed by degreed commercial artists better able to follow "horizon lines" and visualize your finished product, enabling us to also automatically make more intricate and extensive cuts without additional charges; 3) Our laser-cut edges stay smooth and clean (unlike frayed and lifting edges that can occur over time when saw-cut); 4) Each print is mounted on a less-distracting clear acrylic (instead of the colored acrylics sometimes needed to conceal saw-cut scratches); 5) You can choose a beveled base or have yours finished for wall hanging; 6) Our beveled bases are routed and polished for a finished look, with 25 sizes stocked so we’re better able to fit one to your picture, plus they’re also chemically welded for a very tight bond and clean-seam look (although we can provide removable bases when needed); 7) You need only upload or email your photos to us (that's ALL you need do) and we’ll handle all image cropping/layout/design (you can request a PDF for review) plus we’ll automatically sharpen, color adjust, etc., your images; 8) Or send us a photo before ordering and we’ll gladly pre-check picture quality, etc.; and 9) We can add text/logos/graphics, retouch your photo, or even combine pictures in the same acrylic print, for an extra fee.

If you’re ready to order, simply follow the steps below. Orders usually ship within one or two weeks but delivery can vary, depending on what you're ordering and the time of year. So after receiving your order, we’ll let you know if we anticipate anything different. Plus you’re welcome to Contact Us for further info, if you think you’ll need custom design or for anything not covered here.

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Valid file types are .png, .psd, .jpeg, .jpg, .ai, .bmp, .pdf and .tif.

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Please Note If you would like to order 12 or more of the same product, please visit our custom quote page or call us for quantity discounts.

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