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SPECIAL OFFER: Haven’t ordered from us before? Merely looking for a great deal? Or just new to photo products? Here’s an easy way to get started—made even simpler by our special pricing: and yes, that $9.50 mug, or $7.50 for an 11”x17” poster, for example, includes FREE SHIPPING (as do ALL items on this page)! Plus we’re not going to pressure you with any discount deadlines. New or old customer, take your time. We encourage your questions—including anything you want to ask about your photo! Not sure it’s good enough or will work the way you want it to? Email a copy to or upload and we’ll pre-check it. We’ll also automatically sharpen, color adjust, etc., your images—which, incidentally, need not be horse related (pet, family, sports, cars, etc., all invited). Plus you only need send us your pictures (that’s ALL you need do!) and we’ll handle all image cropping/layout/design (forwarding a PDF proof for your review on request). And for a modest fee we’ll even retouch and otherwise enhance your photos. And if you prefer a multi-photo design, for an extra fee we can handle that too. But these are just some of the things we hope you’ll soon come to appreciate! So put us to the test: we’re not exactly like other photos sites!

What You Need To Know: Choose an 11 oz. or 15 oz. regular mug, in black or white, or our 11 oz. COLOR-CHANGING MUG (looks dark grey empty but photo appears after hot liquid’s added). We can print a wraparound photo, measuring roughly (depending on mug) 9”x4”, on any of these so keep that in mind when selecting your picture. If it doesn’t fit, though, we’ll adjust your image accordingly to what we think best. However, if you want something different—like adding text or more photos, we can do so. Just let us know.

Our posters, meantime, are printed on 200 gsm glossy paper in 3 standard sizes: 11”x17”, up to 18”x24” and up to 24”x36”. Unless otherwise instructed, we’ll automatically crop your photo with a 24” length or width where we think best. Other sizes are available, plus we can also include text or more than one photo. Not sure which of several photos may look best? Or how to combine them? Send them to us before ordering and we’ll gladly advise you. We can also mount, laminate, etc., your poster for an additional fee. (Contact us for details.)

If you’re ready to order, simply follow the steps below. Orders usually ship within one or two weeks but delivery can vary, depending on what you’re ordering and the time of year. So after receiving your order, we’ll let you know if we anticipate anything different. Plus you’re welcome to contact us for further info, if you think you’ll need custom design or for anything not covered here.

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Valid file types are .png, .psd, .jpeg, .jpg, .ai, .bmp, .pdf and .tif.

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Please Note If you would like to order 12 or more of the same product, please visit our custom quote page or call us for quantity discounts.

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