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Riding & Barn Outerwear

More than a half dozen striking styles with the Rainier Jacket boasting 5 zippered pockets and others available in as many as 11 colors, some sporting special feminine cuts and others offered in youth sizes—but what makes our Microfleece Jackets, Pullovers and Vests all the more remarkable are the eye-catching ways we can personalize them with laser-etched text, logos and graphics (click here for several laser-etched examples)! Plus they start under $25 and you can order just one!

Laser-Etched Jackets, Pullovers and Vests

Priscilla - Women's Heavyweight
440 Gram Microfleece Jacket
Rainier - Peached Microfiber Woven
Topped 440 Gram Jacket
Lady Telluride - Women's 365 Gram
Signature Fleece Jacket
Telluride & Telluride Jr. - Men's & Youth
365 Gram Signature Fleece Jacket
Revelstoke - Performance 255 Gram
Microfleece Jacket
Steamboat & Steamboat Jr. - Adult & Youth
365 Gram Signature Fleece Pullover
Glenwood & Glenwood Jr. - Adult & Youth
365 Gram Signature Fleece Vest

Choose from more than 200 graphics (in 16 categories) and we'll laser etch your selection onto the front, back or elsewhere on your apparel: from images of horses running and rearing, horse and rider jumping or simply walking together, to specialized disciplines like dressage and racing, along with those sporting a western flair, dog and cat images, plus more. (In other words, you can start with graphics like these—assorted samples or the Jumping Horse & Rider category—and end up with outerwear like this!) And there's currently no extra charge for using these graphics (beyond that of laser etching).

We can also laser etch your logo and text (horse/rider names, etc.). And while we cannot laser etch full-color photos, we can first turn them into simple silhouettes—allowing us to then laser etch your horse's image onto your apparel. (Click here for a before and after example.) Imagine that with your horse's name also added!

Meantime, we're also offering our outerwear styles unadorned and embroidered--both ship separately from our laser-etched apparel—but whichever way you go you should find our pricing impressive! And even those eligible for group discounts can order in quantities as small as just one (enabling group members to order individually if they want to)! So see how easy we're making things? Contact Us for further details.

Important: to the extent any laser-etched graphic pictured here does not appear distinct and well-defined, that's simply due to the limitations of our photography. Laser-etched graphics on red and blue fleece, in particular, have proven difficult to photograph for some reason. In person, however, such laser-etched graphics look clean and precise. Our apologies for this limitation.

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