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Riding & Barn Outerwear

Glenwood & Glenwood Jr. - Adult & Youth 365 Gram Signature Fleece Vest












Product Description:

  • Lycra-Bound Armholes
  • Taped Contrast Collar
  • Double Needle Elastic Waist
  • Double Needle Half Moon Sweat Patch
  • 2 Zippered Front Pockets
  • Sizes LT-2XLT can be only ordered in Black or Navy

Tips: 1) Laser etching is far more visible on lighter color fleece than dark (like navy and black), where it can appear fairly subtle, plus yellow and charcoal aren't especially readable either, so please take this into account and consult us if you have any questions. 2) Complex logos and graphics are best suited for larger reproduction on the front or back of our apparel, and not smaller locations like the left chest, where it may not be possible to laser etch them at all, so if you're not sure, talk to us before placing your order. 3) Please note, however, the Rainier Jacket cannot have any laser etching on the left chest. 4) Text, logos and graphics can sometimes be combined in the same area but you're best off consulting us before placing orders with more complicated designs. 5) Text, logos and graphics can also be laser etched in other areas besides those noted below but before requesting one we recommend you talk to us. 6) If you're not sure whether your logo is laser-ready, please send us a copy via email or Custom Quote before ordering. 7) Type faces shown below are currently only a starting point so feel free to request other fonts or consult us beforehand as we'll otherwise tend to modify lettering as we think best. 8) To order multiples of an outerwear style with the same selection of logos, text and graphics but in different colors or sizes, you need only click on the box immediately below the optional comments area and follow instructions. 9) And if you need help with any aspect of your apparel order, including sizing, you're welcome to call us at 1-877-N1-Horse (1-877-614-6773) email us at or Contact Us.


Please Note If you would like to order 6 or more of the same product, please visit our custom quote page or call us for quantity discounts.

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